Week 02: HTML5

Foundation of a Web Site
  1. Read and study the HTML Basics page (page 2, next page)
  2. Watch this video on learning HTML from Lynda.com on YouTube.
  3. Watch this video on Basic HTML Syntax from Lynda.com on YouTube.
  4. Extra for Experts: For extra study, step through the HTML tutorial at W3Schools.
  5. Extra for Experts: To learn more about HTML5, watch video introducing new HTML5 features from Lynda.com on YouTube.
  6. Extra for Experts: For your reference, the third page lists the 10 Most Used HTML tags (page 3, last page).
  7. The quiz on HTML5 is due on Sunday, October 9, by 11:59pm.
  8. The assignment My Website Pictures is due on Thursday, October 13, by 11:59pm.

Wayne Joness
West Los Angeles College, cs952