Week 05: Template, Pages and Links

Creating a Template, Pages and Links
  1. This week you will use Dreamweaver to create a home, gallery, history, and media page.
  2. You will start to use the one of the key functions of hyper text markup language (HTML): creating relative and absolute links to connect your web pages to the navigation, and to connect the navigation to web pages outside of your website.
  3. You will add the hero image you created in module 3 to the website, on the home page.
  4. Read Chapters 3 and 4 in Adobe® Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud. You can use free pdfs from the publisher to prepare for the quiz, or use the actual textbook. See the home page in etudes for details on downloading the free pdfs if necessary.
  5. The quiz Template, Pages and Links is due on Sunday, October 30, by 11:59pm.
  6. The assignment Template, Pages and Links is due on Thursday, November 3, by 11:59pm.

Wayne Joness
West Los Angeles College, cs952