Week 10: Advanced Bootstrap and jQuery

Introduction to JavaScript, jQuery, Fancy Box, Modals and More
  1. This week you learn about the final key web technology: JavaScript, and the JavaScript library, jQuery.
  2. You will add some basic JavaScript to your website, and add additional jQuery tools not found in the Bootstrap 3 framework.
  3. Follow the procedures in Step-by-Step: Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery
  4. When you have completed your work, be sure to upload your website. See this YouTube video for details.
  5. The quiz on JavaScript and jQuery is due on Sunday, December 11, by 11:59pm.
  6. The assignment JavaScript and jQuery is due on Thursday, December 15, by 11:59pm.

Additional Information you may find helpful:

jQuery Tutorial (w3schools)

jQuery References (w3schools)

Wayne Joness
West Los Angeles College, cs952