Week 01: Introduction

What is a website?
  1. Review the cs952 syllabus. Ask the instructor if you have any questions.
  2. Read and study the Web Basics page (next page)
  3. Watch this video on the Basics of How the Web Works.
  4. Watch this video on the How Websites Works.
  5. Watch this video on the What Is Web Hosting? (supplemental)
  6. Start thinking about your personal website: What will be the title? Who is your target audience? You will learn how to use these answers as HTML elements and meta tags in week 5.
  7. Watch this video on Web Design and Target Audience (supplemental),
  8. Photos and Images will be part of the key to the success of your website. Start looking for images that can represent website, find images that you are excited to share with the world. We will study this more in week 6.
  9. The quiz on the Introduction section is due on Sunday, October 2, by 11:59pm.
  10. The assignment About My Website is due on Thursday, October 6, by 11:59pm.

Wayne Joness
West Los Angeles College, cs952